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Hey, I'm Jaz!

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My mission is to coach your mindset, habits, and beliefs so that you fall in love with that beautiful woman who stares back at you in the mirror every day.

I LOVE doing this so much that...

I have continued my education at the International Coaching Federation (ICF) accredited Health Coach Institute (HCI) where I continued my Health and Life Coach certifications.


Not to brag, but I'm currently pursuing my Transformational Coaching Mastery certification with HCI.

The importance in all of this bragging? All of my knowledge gained thus far allows me to empower YOU to experience happiness, energy, and success - all through making lasting impactful lifestyle changes.

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My superpower is to help ambitious women who are stuck in their heads by supporting them on their journey towards pursuing their dream life.


All about

Not about

I'm All About

  • Straight talk

  • Action

  • Short emails

  • Sustainable results

  • Great food

I'm NOT About

  • Comparisons

  • Complication

  • Quick fixes

  • Quitting

  • The word "moist"

Like my vibe?

Every moment is an opportunity to work towards your true desires in life.


Are you ready?


I am a working mom who wanted to start a business and have the tools to be more productive and successful. Jaz did not beat around the bush when confronting my ailments and what I needed to do to succeed. She’s a literal eye opener and pushed me towards whatever goals I had set for myself.

— Elaina, The Mompreneur & Event Planner

If you had asked ME that 7 years ago...

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I would verbally say 'yes', but my actions would say otherwise. In my 'past life' I was an unhealthy workaholic who secretly struggled to understand where I wanted my life to go, who I wanted to be, while burning myself out because I was living for others.


All of these unknowns caused me to spend money recklessly to see what quick-fix solution 'stuck'.


I was even spending money on things that I didn't realize I was using to fill a void. What's worse? I had terrible skin breakouts, gained 30lbs, and struggled with confidence for years due to my struggles with work-life balance and my lifestyle. Oh and those personal goals that I had? I always stopped mid-way and had some type of excuse for why I couldn't complete them.

Living that life created such a negative mindset. I felt defeated, exhausted, and lost.

HOWEVER, I grew up around some very powerful women - shout out to my Mom, Grandmama, and Auntie!


Those powerful women show through action that whatever obstacles come their way...

They tear those obstacles down at all costs. And along the way.... they have a ball! So at my lowest point, I started connecting with that action-oriented mindset.

Image by Joel Muniz

Through the action-oriented mindset, I uncapped my happiness for life, my confidence drastically improved, and my income doubled....seriously!

Beliefs drive your habits. Your habits create your experiences. Your experiences reinforce your beliefs. Your mindset becomes a by-product of this cycle.

My superpower was created through the changes I made in my mindset, habits, and beliefs. Those changes are what made the journey towards discovering me.....and DiscoverMi.

Habits are the reasons why we succeed or struggle in making changes that last. That is because 95% of our behavior occurs out of habit. Even when the need for change is obvious and our intentions are strong, we often fall short.


My Call to YOU....

YOU are the only person who can take the steps towards responsibility for your life and happiness.


YOU are the only person who can make the decision to have a healthy, vibrant life while connecting to your inner truth and soul.


YOU can decide to also have the support needed to switch from being 'stuck and lost' to becoming action-oriented.


You can take action TODAY by booking that call.